Latin Guitar MIDI PACK (for Sketch Nylon Guitar)

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Immerse yourself in a world of sultry Latin American rhythms with our new guitar MIDI pack for Sketch Nylon Guitar. 
If you’re looking for a way to bring your musical compositions to life and give them an authentic Latin American sound, we have the perfect solution for you.
Containing over 70 styles, this midi pack provides you with a rich collection of rhythms inspired by the music of Latin America.
Here you’ll find everything you need to create exciting Latin-inspired compositions.
Each MIDI file is easily customizable to suit your needs, making this Midi Pack the perfect choice for beginners and experienced musicians alike. Simply import the MIDI files into your favorite DAW and start experimenting with great rhythms.
Requires Sketch Nylon Guitar and the full version of Kontakt (version 6.1.1 or later).
Latin Guitar Midi Pack Manual (PDF)


  • Over 70 styles. Our Midi Pack offers you a variety of rhythms to make your music always sound exciting.
  • 4 types of guitar chords (Maj, Min, 7, mb5) in each style. A total of 3456 chords. Expand your harmonic horizons with a huge set of chords.  Regardless of your skill level, you’ll always have room for experimentation.
  •  Each style is carefully programmed by hand. All articulations are taken into account.
  • Compatibility. It is important to note that our Midi Pack is optimized for use with Sketch Nylon Guitar only. We have paid special attention to detail to ensure the highest quality. Other virtual guitars, even from our company, will not be able to correctly reproduce this Midi Pack.
  • Size: 340MB
  • Requires Sketch Nylon Guitar and the full version of Kontakt (version 6.1.1 or later).